Great day classifying!
7 new EX, including an 8th gen. EX from the Roxy's, 6th gen. EX from The Alicia's , 5th gen. EX back to Villarosa BC Ida, and 5th gen. EX back to Dreane Astre Inksou! 8th gen. EX Brigeen Atwood Bella now EX-92 from the Cook Farm Fire Bell family
Numerous VG 2-year-olds including Brigeen Sid Rilla now VG-87, and Brigeen Jordan Regina now VG-86

NOW EX-94, 95-MS
3-2 3x 161d 16,225 4.7 769 3.5 536 Inc.
Goldwyn X Canyon Breeze Mor Alicha EX-95

kidsBrigeen Farms, Inc., is a family dairy farm in existence since settler Daniel Briggs arrived in Turner in the 1770's. Steve and Mary Briggs and Bill and Betsy Bullard are the ninth and tenth generation to operate the farm on this site. The dairy herd consists of 475 mature animals and 400 young animals. Cow comfort and care drives the current farm structure, with new and upgraded barns, sand beds, and free-choice nutritionist-balanced feed. The cows are milked three times daily. The Hood family of Splash Trucking handles cropping responsibilities. Corn and hay crops are grown on approximately 800 acres of owned or rented local land. cowsBrigeen Farms currently employs 9 people full time, including family, supplemented by seasonal crop labor, and many others in support industries. We are a proud part of Maine's strong dairy industry, which generates over $570 million a year for the state's economy.